Friday, 22 March 2013

ALTER EGO: Dreamwalker OST

ALTER EGO: Dreamwalker OST

A sequel! Coda has scored a super chipper new soundtrack for the second Alter Ego game from Retrosouls. Above is my artwork for the album. Also featured are Kulor, (composer of the first OST) and 'cool slippery' musicians, Madbrain, Blitz Lunar and DJ Bouche. Many thanks to all you guys, plus C-Jeff and Noise Channel for the great listening party. Congrats coda!

You can check out Dreamwalker on Ubiktune and leave nice messages for the guys :)


Gillibean said...

Awesome image Rufus. Your colours are sick!

Sean McCormack said...

So so so brill Rufus!

Love it!