Wednesday, 23 January 2013

2012 top 10 listens!

A top ten listen list! I spent a lot of time getting lost in music last year, it was great to find some smaller artists and get to know a few new friends who make amazing albums in their spare time. Very mega year! Here are my choice funks.....

Pajjama - Starch
Prog synth, chiptune, crunchy rock, talk shows, talk box, played over super slick funky compositions and evolving textures. Starch has everything! I keep going back to it and finding more... new Pajjamas to come soon I hear.


Makeup and Vanity Set - 88:88
Dreamwave. Arpeggio nostalgia soundtrack for an imagined existential sci-fi epic. Serious business.
C-jeff - Preschtale
Progressive metal chiptune! C-jeff has found an amazing balance of melodic prog metal passages and digital video game synth. Burning melodies and mighty chord drops, look out for the climax of part 6.

Bersarin Quartet - II
Neo-Classical/Ambient soundscapes. Ambient music has kept me going this last year, and this is the album that sums it all up. Carefully processed textures and sweeping strings.

Chimp Spanner - All Roads Lead Here
Prog metal drenched in synth. MELODY!

 FM Funk from UBIKTUNE, the title speaks for itself!
Coda - Tracer
Adventure synth prog, ohhhh yes, Coda's little tunes grow up into really great mature missions.

Mars Volta - Noctourniquet
Prog Rock. Loved these fresh new Volta ideas! Some genuinely surprising tones, I especially rocked out to 'Empty Vessels'.

Disasterpeace - Fez
Ambient Chiptune Soundtrack. Maybe because I lived in the game for a few weeks, devouring every detail. Fez is a world I could settle down in and the sound was PERFECTLY placed by Disasterpeace.

Monomer - Trials
Chiptune. Super solid adventure EP from Monomer. Simple sounds with big scale themes and wicked harmonies.

I'm pretty sure 2013 will be just as superb!

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L ROSSI said...

I will be checking these out! I know none of them :3