Monday, 24 January 2011

Bit-52: TOP BOMBS!

Recently I've been listening to a lot of 8-bit/chiptune music. Being pure data and very limited, I find it really intense.

This scene jumped into my mind when I was listening to the Dubmood track
, it was something about the juxtaposition of the sombre tune mixed with 8-bit game sounds.

The music is Interlude BONUS by DUBMOOD



Betty said...

Really like it ruf. Did you use AE for all of that?

rufus blacklock. said...

Thanks Betty :)

Yeah all done in AE. But i made all the 8 bit stuff in Photoshop before animating in AE.

Betty said...

I was just impressed by the twisty going off into the distance squares :)

Matthew Waldren said...

hey man, its been a while since ive visited your blog but this time im BLOWN AWAY!, awsome concepts and i love the bomer plane animation, everything seems like it could be made into a series or be expanded upon. especially the star trek rabits, hehe there awsome.