Thursday, 16 December 2010

book of glass 4

Recently I've felt the need to begin a new project that I can share and get out there, as much of my time is spent doing work stuff. So thats where this book of glass thing comes from. It's inspired by tons of things im into and have been into lately, the main basis is to create a vividly colourful space opera. It started out in my head as a short film, but heaven knows they take up time, so currently I'm just enjoying exploring it here on my blog. Perhaps it lends itself better to a graphic novel/art book format. The ship is called the Scrutiny.

Thanks for your visits and comments, they really are appreciated!

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Nicola Coppack said...

I find all this very unusual and interesting! Love the little world youve created and the format. Like how your getting things out of your head and exploring(favourite bit)it looks fantastic =>